Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Umami, umami, it drives you flippin' barmy

Adventures In Extreme Taste #7.

I call this creation "Kamikaze Kuppa" and dedicate it to the Tokyo Celtic Supporters Club:

Take one heaped tablespoon of Bovril.
Take one heaped tablespoon of the reddest (ie strongest) miso you've got.

Combine in a mug containing half a pint of hot water.
Stand well back

Friday, 18 November 2011

Blog being repaired - honest!

Due to great upheavals in the personal life I've been held up a bit on fixing the blog. But the links in about the last 15 posts should be good now & I'll fix the rest as soon as.

There'll also be some v. interesting new posts soon, particularly about a quango called "Standards for England". You'll remember that Eric Pickles suggested abolishing them as an actual impediment to functioning democracy - well, I may have amassed some evidence to back up the Community Secretary's plan...

All will be revealed: please look back in next week!

Thursday, 17 November 2011

Labour of Hate Pt 5!

From here in the North Herefordshire People's Government In Exile I have just managed to extract the following minute from Leo Council:
Question from G Pardoe

Now, some in Leominster have questioned my assertion that North Herefordshire Labour Party basically do exactly what Bill Wiggin & North Herefordshire Conservative Association instruct them to do.
And they have asked me for proof of my assertion.


"G Pardoe" is Gerard Pardoe, prominent Labour party activist and Labour candidate at the May elections (I royally trounced the Blairite no-mark at that election, but that is no excuse for his loyal defence of Tory expenses shyster Bill Wiggin in his complaint to Leo Town Council!).
His missus Emma is also a Labour party member of LTC.

I would note also that one of those who "passed" (ie: approved) Mr Pardoe's complaint to LTC that I might be wasting public money drawing attention to Mr Wiggin's expenses was - you guessed it! - anti-establishment socialist firebrand Phillipa Roberts!

Friday, 4 November 2011

Bill hits those boundaries for six!

Hmm - this could get interesting.
In June the Daily Mail reported that the Tory party were going to sacrifice Bill Wiggin MP in the forthcoming boundary shuffle as he has become an embarrassment.
This appears to be coming true and Mr Wiggin would have no chance in the new Ludlow & Leominster constituency against Ludlow's popular Phillip Dunne, who has never had to pay back thousands of wrongly claimed expenses and apologise publicly to the House of Commons.
So this desperate attempt to whip up a campaign to save Mr Wiggin's seat has been dropping through letterboxes.
Trouble is, local politician Phillipa Roberts is claiming on her FaceBook page that she received this inside a House of Commons envelope with a covering letter by Mr Wiggin. Ms Roberts is Labour but she was a candidate at the last general election & it's hard to believe she's making this up.
This doesn't sound like the sort of thing the rules would allow, does it?
I'm back in Leo this weekend: will check out how many of these letters have been delivered...