Thursday, 17 November 2011

Labour of Hate Pt 5!

From here in the North Herefordshire People's Government In Exile I have just managed to extract the following minute from Leo Council:
Question from G Pardoe

Now, some in Leominster have questioned my assertion that North Herefordshire Labour Party basically do exactly what Bill Wiggin & North Herefordshire Conservative Association instruct them to do.
And they have asked me for proof of my assertion.


"G Pardoe" is Gerard Pardoe, prominent Labour party activist and Labour candidate at the May elections (I royally trounced the Blairite no-mark at that election, but that is no excuse for his loyal defence of Tory expenses shyster Bill Wiggin in his complaint to Leo Town Council!).
His missus Emma is also a Labour party member of LTC.

I would note also that one of those who "passed" (ie: approved) Mr Pardoe's complaint to LTC that I might be wasting public money drawing attention to Mr Wiggin's expenses was - you guessed it! - anti-establishment socialist firebrand Phillipa Roberts!